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Funslope Biok

Discover new snow adventures in Alta Badia!

Funslope Biok

The Funslope Biok is located in the area Skicarosello Alta Badia, on the Bioch slope no. 13, with a great view on the Dolomites peaks.

Ready, steady, go! Right at the entrance of the Funslope Biok, you get already an impression of what is waiting for you: fun and action for the entire family! While jumping over the first little kicker or sliding over a box, you can show what you’ve got.
For those who are rather out for some speedy adventures, the speedboost sets you in the right Funslope mode, before you pass through our sparkling snow houses, the Hoop Race and the impressive Fun Twister made of snow, where you spin around in circles.
And also the next few meters make sure, that nobody gets bored: Our sweeping snow waves let you pick up pace again, before you focus the finish line. Don’t forget to give a high five to Slopy, our cheeky Funslope inhabitant, who can’t wait t to greet his visitors.
After the last banked turn it goes straight back to the chairlift Biok, which takes you back to the entrance of the Funslope in no time. Take a deep breath and look forward to another fantastic run through the Funslope Biok in Alta Badia!

So, get ready for another adventurous winter full of fun and action in Alta Badia!

You can reach the funslope with the chairlift Biok - n. 8

to the funslope

Ready, Steady, Go!