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Childcare and programmes

Children will have lots of fun with the Summer For Kids children's programme


Perfect family holidays are supposed to be about one thing: Spending time together and enjoying it. Summer holidays in Alta Badia stand exactly for this - doing things together and enjoying the rich nature of the Dolomites in sporting and recreational facilities in the valley and in the thrilling Movimënt recreational parks at 2,000 metres (6,561 ft).

If children want stay amongst themselves, spending time playing with peers of the same age, the „Summer For Kids“ entertaining programme of Alta Badia, for children of 4 years and up, is exactly the right thing.

The children's programme with hikes, sporting activities, team sports, treasure hunts, barbecue and other children's activities, is held from Monday to Friday and is divided into 2 groups, for children between 4 and 8 and for children between 9 and 12/14.

The children’s holiday entertainers and our walking guides will be wearing Karpos.

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