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Autumn in Alta Badia

When once again Mother Nature in the Dolomites looks resplendent in her luminous coat of many colours

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Every autumn the mountains present their most beautiful aspect. In the countryside around the Dolomites UNESCO World heritage site we are blessed with moderate temperatures from the middle of September onwards, right through to the end of October, and when we catch sight of the bright colours, which range from yellow to orange and red, we cannot but marvel at the spectacle. The contrast between the colourful trees, the mountain peaks which are already dusted with snow and the deep blue skies offers a spectacle of nature, which stops you in your tracks and you gaze with rapt attention.

After the hurly-burly days of summer, calm and serenity slowly return to the landscape.


Mother Nature now showers us with vast quantities of delicious fruit, which we in Alta Badia know how to transform as if by magic into true culinary delights. These should be consumed with a glass of local wine which will turn this pleasure into a feast.

During the autumn month there are many entertaining activities and special events that will turn your holiday in Alta Badia into an unforgettable experience so for example "Saus dl altonn - Flavours of Autumn" or "Mumënc ladins - Ladin moments".

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In autumn, the legendary mountains around Alta Badia become a mecca for active holiday devotees and lovers of nature. Whether in your mountain boots or on your bicycle, the Dolomites are wonderful to explore, and on clear autumn days the views of the majestic mountains are even more breath-taking. And even though the days are shorter now and you have to take your leave of the wonderful countryside earlier in the evening, a number of lovely experiences await you in the valley so for example an afternoon of well-deserved relaxation at a spa or a special aperitif followed by delicious dinner in one of the excellent restaurants in our region.
And as the icing on the cake, in autumn, the peaceful and somewhat fresher nights will guarantee restorative sleep.
Now that’s something to look forward to!

When autumn comes to Alta Badia, the time for enjoyment, relaxation and well-being begins. Now that’s something to look forward to!

Saus dl altonn

Saus dl altonn
Saus dl altonn

Precious moments to be savoured in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site surrounded by Mother Nature. Read more ...13.09.2020 - 27.09.2020