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Food Forest Ciaulunch

An exceptional experience to draw new energy from nature

Sustainability and environmental protection are values that are deeply rooted in the population of Alta Badia. The people of this valley are constantly committed to safeguarding the unique nature that surrounds us and to protect the delicate alpine balance. In this spirit, we regularly launch ecologically sustainable projects.

Among these is the Food Forest, which opened to the public in summer 2021. Also known as “edible forest” or “forest garden”, the Food Forest is a multifunctional cultivation system consisting of trees, plants, medicinal and aromatic herbs, berries and other forest fruits. It is a food production system that continuously binds CO2, promotes biodiversity in the Alps and increases soil fertility.


Together with Etifor, spin-off of the University of Padova, Alta Badia identified the Masisti forest at the Campolongo mountain pass as the ideal place for the creation of a Food Forest. Thanks to the project "WOWnature Alta Badia", the reforestation of the forest was started in 2020 as it was massively damaged by the storm Vaia. The forest (which can be visited throughout the summer) offers a unique biodiversity and tasty surprises such as blueberries, raspberries, wild strawberries, juniper berries, elderberries and many other berries and fruits.

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Finding the food forest is very easy


Visitors of the Food Forest can create their own itinerary to discover the natural diversity of Mother Nature. The paths are equipped with information boards that will introduce those interested to the secrets of the forest. It is an intense experience that allows you to recharge your batteries for the challenges of everyday life and to feel in touch with nature. Moreover, the more curious can also look forward to discovering some secrets about the use of herbs and fruits in the Ladin cuisine.

Tourists, residents as well as companies can actively contribute to the cultivation and preservation of the Food Forest. How? It's simple: become a tree sponsor and support the protection of the forest at the following link.