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Tru di lêć / Lakes path

7,4 km
2,2 h

Walk to the Lêch dlà Lunch and Lêch da Sompunt
Overview: Walk in an unspoilt and ever changing landscape, through thick woods and deep green meadows, under the walls of the Gherdenacia plateau, with a view over the coloured rock faces of Sas dla Crusc and Lavarela. The trail takes you from Badia to the idyllic Lêch dlà Lunch lake, to then lead, still through woodland, to
the Lêch da Sompunt lake, shimmering emerald green. To return, pass by the Paracia and Ćiaminades farms, before reaching Badia, back to where you started.
Starting point: Badia -bus stop (1327 m)
Itinerary: From Badia (bus stop) following directions to „Lêch dlà Lunch – Tru di lêć“, walk uphill, going west, until you reach Hotel Gran Ander. At this point, following the signs, turn right and go past the Runch farm until you come to an enclosure at the wood’s edges. Straight on now (with a short cut on the left) following a forest road which, slightly uphill, snakes through the wood, coming out at the junction for the Lêch da Sompunt. Carry on in the same direction,
and in just a few minutes, you’ll be at Lêch dlà Lunch (1537 m) (1h).Back to the junction for Lêch da Sompunt, but now fork right, along a road that keeps on rising and falling, until reaching the junction with trail nr. 1, leading from Badia to Puez. Still in the same direction, climb up to Col da Ćiaminades, then take the slightly down hill forest road until you come to a clearing. At this point, come off the forest road and take a path on the left which leads down to the just as idyllic Lêch da Sompunt (1460 m) with hotel and restaurant (2h). From the hotel and on a tarmac road, travel downhill, heading north, passing the Paracia and Ćiaminades farms, arriving back at Badia, the starting point.
End point: Badia - bus stop (1327 m)
Stop-off points: Maso Runch, Hotel Lêch da Sompunt
Level of difficulty: easy walk
Type of trail: simple and then large path


Elevation profile

Elevation profile - Tru di lêć / Lakes path