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The Kaiserjäger trail

5,4 km
2,3 h

From the Passo Valparola to Lagazuoi
Overview: Here, on our mountains, the names of the Alpini and Kaiserjäger troops are written in the history books on pages of sacrifice and glory. To honour their memory, the original trail built by the Kaiserjäger which, from the Passo Valparola stretched to the summit of Lagazuoi, has been restored and is in use once more.
Starting point: Museum Forte Tre Sassi - Passo Valparola (2183 m)
Itinerary: Access is by way of the fort at the Passo Valparola, which leads to the remains of the Austrian Command which are on a large embankment. Continue on the long trail, and you will come to the front line, known as Vonbank. Climb this winding route towards the summit of Lagazuoi, but, a few bends in, a detour to the right brings you to the caves dug out of the base of the mountain where the soldiers’ field kitchen and sleeping quarters have been
reconstructed Once back on the trail, you find yourself at the bottom of the mountain. The path has been made safer by fixing cables to the walls, and you can now get to a 15 metrelong bridge suspended by metal cables. Over the deep gully, use the permanent cables to climb to the Cengia Austriaca (Austrian Overhang) which is up against its Italian counterpart. The trail continues, cutting diagonally across the mountain up to the summit of Lagazuoi (2800 m), where a cross stands in memory of those who fell in the War.
The view from here is truly breathtaking. Your gaze is drawn from the Odle to the Pelmo, from the Antelao to the Boè, from the Tofane to the Civetta. To complete your journey to the battlefields, go back down again through the appropriately equipped Italian mine tunnel and, from here, make your way to the Passo Falzarego.
End point: Passo Falzarego - bus stop (2105 m)
Stop-off points: Ütia Lagazuoi
Level of difficulty: difficult walk
Type of trail: alpine trail, equipped in parts


Elevation profile

Elevation profile - The Kaiserjäger trail