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San Cassiano - Valparola Alm

6,2 km
2,2 h

From Armentarola to Malga Valparola Alp, and to Passo Valparola
Overview: This hike will take you to the Malga Valparola Alp, an historic site, where the mineral extracted here, Livinallongo, was transported, underwent smelting and transformed into iron. The ruins of the smelting furnaces are now abandoned and in pieces. Today, only the hut’s name (Hut of the Iron Furnaces in German) serves as a reminder of the economic prosperity, now long gone, once enjoyed by this extraordinarily picturesque place.
Starting point: San Cassiano/Armentarola – bus stop (1726 m)
Itinerary: Take trail nr.18, going south,
from Hotel Armentarola, crossing the river close to Hotel Gran Ancëi. Go straight on (dirt road), through the beautiful Prè de Costa meadows, coming to a junction at the edge of the wood. Pass this by, still following trail nr. 18, on a slight incline, coming eventually to the malghe, right in the middle of extremely lovely woods and meadows (50min.). Moving on from the malghe, climb up keeping to the left, still through the wood, coming next to the provincial road from San Cassiano to Passo Valparola. Another 600 metres and you bear left, then right but always following the signs for Passo Valparola, passing a small war cemetery, and in a short space of time, coming out once more on the provincial road which, in just a few minutes, brings you to Passo Valparola and the bus stop.
End point: Passo Valparola – bus stop (2168 m)
Stop-off points: Malga Valparola Alp, Passo Valparola
Level of difficulty: easy walk
Type of trail: large path


Elevation profile

Elevation profile - San Cassiano - Valparola Alm