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San Cassiano - La Crusc/Heiligkreuz - Badia

11,5 km
3,5 h

From San Cassiano to La Crusc/S.Croce and back to Badia
Overview: Stunning excursion at height, alongside fields and meadows in flower, through the occasional wood and Alpine pines, to the foot of the majestic walls of Sas dla Crusc.
The combination of breathtaking views, the still unpolluted natural surroundings, the typical Dolomite flora, not forgetting the chamoix goats which live and frolic the length of the rocky peaks, make this walk truly unforgettable.
Starting point: San Cassiano - centre (1524 m)
Itinerary: From the church of San Cassiano, take the road marked 15 upwards going east, which leads firstly to Hotel Fanes and then goes on, still on an tarmac road, to the Larjëi farm. Once you have passed the farm, the road dips into a larch wood, before reaching the Rudiferia farm with its watermill still in use. Climb up through the meadows, coming out in the wood, reaching the path marked with a 12 which leads from La Villa to Forcela Medesc.
Continue northwards, still in the same direction, on path nr. 15, which, rising slightly, leads to La Crusc/S.Croce refuge (2047 m) (2h 29min.). The last stretch of the route is dotted with the stations of the Via Crucis.
From here, the view is, quite simply, stunning, with the Marmolada, the Grup dl Sela, Puez-Odle, the Pütia and, to the north, the glaciers of the central Alps. After a well-earned rest, take path 13 which, from the church, heads in the direction of La Villa. After 1.5 kms (20min.), you will come to a junction. Follow, on the right, path nr. 7/B, which firstly goes down through the wood before arriving in Oies. Here you can see the childhood home of
Saint Giuseppe Frenademez (40min.). Next, take path 13/A which descends again through meadows, to Badia (bus stop).
End point: Badia - bus stop (1327 m)
Stop-off points: Ütia La Crusc/S.Croce, restaurant Oies
Level of difficulty: easy/medium walk
Type of path: simple and then large path


Elevation profile

Elevation profile - San Cassiano - La Crusc/Heiligkreuz - Badia