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Salares Scharte- Lêch de Lagació

10,5 km
3,4 h

From Valparola through the Forcela Salares to Lêch de Lagació
Overview: Hike taking in marvellous views of the imposing crags of the Conturines to the north, while to the east are the faces of Cima Scotoni and the Fanis Group, rising straight up to the sky from the idyllic Lêch de Lagació.
Starting point: Passo Valparola (2168 m)
Itinerary: From the Passo Valparola, follow the road sign nr. 20/A in a northerly direction, initially on a tarmac road, until you reach the first sharp bend. Keep to the right on the Passo Valparola old road and after 400 metres, you will come to a turn-off. Still on the right and on trail 20/A, enjoy walking through the Alpine pines,
in the shadow of the jagged mountainsides, in the direction of a steep and narrow gully from where, in a short space of time,
you will arrive at the Forcela Salares (2252 m). Once at the pass (40min.), you will see a junction. Trail nr. 18/B leads directly to the Ütia Scotoni Hut, and takes half an hour. However, you will be taking the longer route and following, south-west, trail nr. 20/A, towards the Forcela Lagazuoi, which leads firstly to Lêch de Lagació before dipping down to the Ütia Scotoni Hut.
After walking for an hour with a 300 metres altitude change with respect to the pass, you will come to a junction and the highest point of your trip (2555 m). Keep left and continue north-east on trail nr. 20, which is slightly downhill, towards Lêch de Lagació.
You should now start heading west but still on trail 20, 
then cross a steep gully,which brings you to the
Ütia Scotoni Hut (1993 m) (2h 50min.). Follow trail nr. 20 down along a ski piste to the Capanna Alpina. Trail nr. 11 brings you in just a few minutes to Sciarè and the bus stop.
End point: Sciarè/San Cassiano – bus stop (1726 m)
Stop-off points: Ütia Scotoni Hut, Capanna Alpina
Level of difficulty: medium/difficult walk
Type of trail: simple but steep path


Elevation profile

Elevation profile - Salares Scharte- Lêch de Lagació