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Roda de Armentara

13,9 km
4,1 h

Excursion through the Armentara meadows
Overview: A relaxing walk surrounded by unspoilt nature. You will walk through the lovely Armentara meadows, famed for their abundance of flowers. No great effort is needed to walk in this idyllic and calm environment, over meadows and fields in flower, through small groups of conifers and chalets built long ago, all of which testify to man’s work together with nature. Enjoy the panoramic view. Your gaze is irresistibly drawn, on one side, to the imposing vertical walls of Sas dla Crusc, and on the other, to the magnificent view which extends out over the green valley of Alta Badia.
Starting point: Badia - Bus stop (1327 m)
Itinerary: Set off from Badia (bus stop), heading south-east towards San Linert, always following the signs for „Roda de Armentara“. Once out of San Linert , continue north-east on a tarmac road, skirting the Fussè, Ćiastel and Valgiarëi farms. Next, take the forest road on the left, still following the signs for „Roda de Armentara“ which, through the wood, brings you to the farms of, firstly, Arćiara and then Furnacia (2h). Veer right here and follow the slightly uphill road until you reach a car park with a barrier. Continue on the right, towards Armentara. Once out of the wood, you come to a junction where you stay on the right, following the sign for „Badia –Roda de Armentara“, arriving in 5 minutes at the Malga Ranch da Andrè alp (3h). After a brief pause, continue, heading south and you will cross the, firstly flat then slightly downhill, Armentara meadows. You can admire the picturesque small lakes (biotopes), pass the chalets at Razuns (many years ago inhabited) before arriving at a junction just before the Valgiarëi farmhouse. From here, on the left, follow the signs for „Badia - Roda de Armentara“, skirting the Ćialaruns, Andrac, Alfarëi, Ruac and Fussè farms before coming to San Linert where your excursion started.
End point: Badia – bus stop (1327 m)
Stop-off points: Malga Ranch da Andrè Alp
Level of difficulty: easy walk
Type of path: large path


Elevation profile

Elevation profile - Roda de Armentara