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Le Ćiaval - Sas dla Crusc/Kreuzkofel

12,6 km
6 h

Excursion to L‘Ćiaval and, via Val Medesc, back to La Villa
Overview: One of the loveliest excursions in the Dolomites. Nature
untouched, vertical walls soaring skywards which turn red at sunset,
a breathtaking view which extends, on one side, over Badia’s
green valley and, on the other, the fabled, legendary landscape of
the Fanes Alps, the characteristic Dolomite flora, marmot squirrels
and chamoix goats which live and frolic the length of the rocky
mountain tops, all combine to make this a truly unforgettable walk.
Starting point: Badia (1327 m) - chairlifts S.Croce and La Crusc
Itinerary: The La Crusc/S.Croce refuge is 5 minutes from the second
chairlift station, at the foot of Sas dla Crusc. From the church,
take the trail clearly marked as nr. 7 and head east. Then turn south,
and pass through the impressive groups of mugo pines and scree,
rapidly reaching the rocky slopes. Steel cables are there to help to
get over the precipices. The hike continues, rapidly gaining height,
climbing over ledges and scree-covered slopes, crossing rocky outcrops,
until reaching the ridge (2598 m) (1h 50min.). Leave trail nr.
7 here, bearing left and heading for the pyramid-shaped summit,
continue along the ridge, following trail nr. 7/B right up to the high-
est point of our journey  L‘Ćiaval (2906 m) (1h).
From here, you can enjoy a panorama which
is, to say the least, stupendous,
out over the entire world of the Dolomites
and, in particular, taking in the legendary
Fanes landscape. Come down again on
the same side, up to the pass. From here,
follow trail nr. 7 east towards Fanes. 200
metres on, turn right and continue on trail nr. 12/B towards the Forcela
Medesc (2529 m). From the pass, set off westwards and, following
trail nr. 12, go down into Val Medesc. After the first section,
extremely steep over scree, the walk continues pleasantly through
woods, meadows and pastures, skirting farms and little villas, until
you come to the town of La Villa.
End point: La Villa – bus stop (1427 m)
Level of difficulty: difficult walk
Type of trail: alpine trail with equipped parts and steps


Elevation profile

Elevation profile - Le Ćiaval - Sas dla Crusc/Kreuzkofel