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La Val - Rit

15,6 km
6,4 h

From the town of La Val to the Rit meadows and back
Overview: La Val is one of those holiday destinations not yet discovered by the masses. This scenic hike through the Rit Pass’s meadows and woods takes place in a particularly peaceful setting. Along the way, take a look at the picturesque church of S.Barbara and the ‘viles’, the centuries old Val Badia settlements.
Starting point: La Val (1353 m)
Itinerary: From the parish church in La Val climb northwards on trail nr. 6 which will bring you to the chapel of S.Barbara, and afterwards skirt past the traditional farmhouses of Ćiablun, Runch and Biei (1612 m) (50min.).
(You could even drive to this point if you wish). Forward now on a forest road, uphill and east through meadows dotted with larches to begin, switching north up to the Rit Pass (1865 m), then with a pond (protected biotope).
Climb across the tree-topped crest to your right and from there, onto the road (nr.13) which will bring you to the Rit meadows. It is compulsory to keep right, from here, until the scenic point Crusc da Rit (2027 m) (2h 10min.). Returning to trail nr. 13, continue east on a crest with a grassy hollow, up to the Ćiasota da Rit hut. From here, you can climb to Mount Pares (2358 m) (1h 10min.), following trail nr. 6 and then back to the hut. On a steep downward slope, carry on following trail nr. 16 until its junction with trail nr. 15. Stay to the right now, going towards La Val, ending up at the Tolpei farm. If you left your car at the Biei farmhouse, you should turn off now for the car park. If not, pass the Chapel of S.Barbara and take the ‘Meditation Walk’ until you come to La Val.
End point: La Val (1353 m)
Refreshments: Ciablun farmhouse Level of difficulty: easy/medium walk
Type of trail: simple path 


Elevation profile

Elevation profile - La Val - Rit