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Ju de Frara/Grödnerjoch - Pisciadù - Colfosco

6,6 km
3,5 h

From Ju de Frara/Passo Gardena to Pisciadù and back to Colfosco
Overview: Extremely demanding hike with equipped sections both for ascent and descent.
The imposing Grup dl Sela rock fortress offers easy passages from the valley to the mountain in very few points,
and one of these is Val Setus.
Starting point: Ju de Frara/Passo Gardena (2118 m)
Itinerary: From Ju de Frara/Passo Gardena, trail nr. 666 climbs the grassy ridge that leads to the Grup dl Sela craggy walls in a southeast direction. The trail continues, over even ground to begin, then slightly downhill, reaching the entrance to Val Setus.
Twisting and turning, climb the steep scree slope until you come to the gully’s fork, then go left (fixed metal ropes) quickly reaching the great overhang that crosses the entire Sella massif. Going left, it will only take a few minutes to come to the Ütia Pisciadù Hut (2585 m) (2h 10min.). Close by is the Lêch de Pisciadù.
The descent is firstly eastwards (trail nr. 676) past the great terrace,
then down again through the Val di Bosli craggy overhanging sides (fixed metal ropes), arriving below in the Val de Misdé. Now follow a gravel track, before continuing on a trail in good condition (nr. 651), and you are out of the Val de Misdé.
The view out over the valley bottom’s green meadows is enchanting, with their contrast against the light colour of the rocky sides. Next to the river, descend to the larch-covered plain,
then through meadows on trail nr. 650, and you are at Colfosco.
End point: Colfosco – bus stop (1680 m)
Stop-off points: Ütia Pisciadù
Level of difficulty: difficult walk
Type of trail: alpine trail, equipped in parts


Elevation profile

Elevation profile - Ju de Frara/Grödnerjoch - Pisciadù - Colfosco