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Corvara/Planac - Pralongià - Bioch - Arlara

7 km
2 h

Hike over the Pralongià plateau
Overview: The Pralongià plateau stands out as an island of green among the pale shades of the beautiful Dolomite rocks, gently dipping plains take the place of jagged peaks, with a sea of flowers and extensive terrain just perfect for hiking, with endless views. The plateau can also be reached by chairlift. Leaving from up on high, you can undertake enjoyable hiking expeditions, as long or as short as you want, down in all directions.
Starting point: Corvara/Planac (1711 m) – Pralongià chairlift
Itinerary: From the Pralongià chairlift station (2016 m), the walk at altitude heads up, along trail nr. 25, until it comes to the Ütia Pralongià Hut (20min.). Continue north on trail nr. 23, downhill initially until a fork in the road, then along the main ridge as it rises and falls in places, arriving at the Ütia de Bioch Hut (2073 m) (30min.). Carry on in the same direction through a wooded slope, reaching a junction before the Ütia I Tablà Hut and Ütia La Brancia Hut. Now head left on an unsurfaced road towards the Ütia Piz Arlara Hut. The descent towards Corvara is north-west up to a junction. From this point, follow the directions for Planac on trail nr. 30/A, then nr. 30 to the junction with trail nr. 24, and go southwards. At the next junction, stay on the right to follow directions for nr. 25/B which will bring you back to the Pralongià chairlift car park.
Stop-off points: Ütia Punta Trieste, Ütia Pralongià, Ütia de Bioch,
Ütia I Tablà, Ütia Piz Arlara
Type of trail: large path


Elevation profile

Elevation profile - Corvara/Planac - Pralongià - Bioch - Arlara