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Badia - Val de Valacia - Puez

6,8 km
4,4 h

From Badia/Pedraces to the Ütia de Puez Hut through Val Valacia
Overview: Fairly challenging excursion due to the considerable change in altitude during the climb (1347 m).
The trail across Val Valacia has some exposed points, strengthened with steel ropes. The length of the course and altitude change require perseverance and climbing training. Advisable only in good weather.
Starting point: Badia – bus stop (1327 m)
Itinerary: The road signs are located just a few metres south of the bus stop. Follow the trail marked with the nr. 1, going uphill and west, which will bring you to Puez. At the top of the climb (100 m), and following the directions, keep to the right. After another 100 metres, turn left and cross the wood heading west until reaching the foot of the Gherdenacia mountain where Val Valacia begins. You have to complete an extremely steep 500 metres climb, which is equipped with several metal cords. Once up below Col Toron, find the road signs which show that the route to Puez is still westwards. Once on the Gherdenacia’s ridge, in Ćiampanì and at the junction with trail nr. 11, which is also the highest point on your journey (2663 m) (4h 10min.),
the easy descent along the rolling plateau to the Ütia de Puez Hut (30min.) begins. In bad weather, be aware of fog which can disorient you. For the journey back, it is advisable to go down to Colfosco (1h 50min.), first by way of trail nr. 2, then 4 to the Ütia Edelweiß Hut and finally to Colfosco.
End point: Ütia de Puez (2477 m)
Stop-off points: Ütia de Puez, Ütia Edelweiß
Level of difficulty: difficult walk
Type of trail: large path then equipped path with ladders and brackets and then simple path


Elevation profile

Elevation profile - Badia - Val de Valacia - Puez