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Badia - La Villa - Badia

7,5 km
2 h

Walk from Badia to the Lêch da Sompunt, up to La Villa and back
Overview: Relaxing walk, starting at Badia to the Lêch da Sompunt, going through meadows and woods and passing close to Ćiaminades and Paracia, continuing on to Sotsas and then La Villa, returning to Badia along the river Gadera at the bottom of the valley.
Starting point: Badia – bus stop (1327 m)
Itinerary: The road signs are just a few metres south of the bus stop. Take trail nr. 5 (Gherdenacia) which rises towards the west. Following the signs and heading south, go past Hotel Gran Ander, skirt the Ćiaminades and Paracia farms until reaching the Lêch da Sompunt. Head south following sign nr. 10 La Villa, crossing the gently upwards sloping meadows until you reach the Sotsas farm. Next, still in the same direction,
with the road descending at the start before it evens out, go through groups of larch trees and idyllic pastures until you reach La Villa. Now turn left and go down the road to the bus stop. From this point, follow the signs for „Tru dô l’ega-Badia“ which will lead you, in an easterly direction, down to river Gran Ega, before turning left under the bridge and coming to a junction.
As the sign says, you can take either paths as they join up again after 1.5 kms. Continue as before in the same direction, until you come back to Badia, the starting point.
End point: Badia – bus stop (1327 m)
Stop-off points: Hotel Lêch da Sompunt, restaurants in La Villa
Level of difficulty: easy walk
Type of trail: large path


Elevation profile

Elevation profile - Badia - La Villa - Badia