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Badia - La Crusc/Heiligkreuz - Armentarawiesen

8,8 km
2,3 h

From Badia to La Crusc/S.Croce and back through Armentara
Overview: An extremely enjoyable excursion which, from the La Crusc/S.Croce sanctuary, takes you through the breathtaking Armentara meadows, renowned for their abundance of flowers. The panorama is wonderful, on one side the rugged aspect of the Sas dla Crusc which soars upwards, and on the other, the magnificent view which extends from the Marmolada to the Grup dl Sela, from Puez-Odle to Pütia, and out over Badia’s verdant valley.
Starting point: Badia (1327 m) - chairlifts S.Croce and La Crusc
Itinerary: From Badia ascend with the chairlift to the
La Crusc/S. Croce sanctuary (2043 m). The excursion through the Armentara meadows to Badia starts from above the church, in a northwards direction, following trail nr. 15 towards Armentara. The path is flanked by the Via Crucis stations, crossing firstly wetlands to reach the flattened ridge of Col de Tramesc. At the signposted fork in the road, keep left and follow trail nr. 15/A which sloping gently downwards crosses the Armentara meadows up to the outskirts of the wood. From here, continue on the left, and follow the sign for „Badia - Roda de Armentara“. After a slight climb, you will reach the hut ‘Ranch da Andrè’. The trail continues south as before, initially on the flat then gently downhill through the Valacia hollow. Walk alongside a small lake (biotope) teeming with life. In spring, this is where the frogs lay their spawn, while the summer sees hundreds of insects splashing around in the water.
The descent continues, passing the Razuns chalets towards the Valgiarëi farms. At the junction, go left, still following the directions for „Badia - Roda de Armentara“. Once you have left the farms of Ćialaruns, Andrac, Alfarëi, Ruac and Fussè behind, you reach San Linert and the excursion’s starting point.
End point: Badia – bus stop (1327 m)
Stop-off points: La Crusc/S.Croce Hut, Ranch da Andrè Alp
Level of difficulty: easy walk
Type of trail: simple and then large path


Elevation profile

Elevation profile - Badia - La Crusc/Heiligkreuz - Armentarawiesen