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Momënc Ladins

Discover the variety of Ladin moments in the hiking village La Val

Sunday, 20.08.2023


With "Momënc Ladins" we take you on a walk through La Val, the village in Alta Badia that has preserved the original rural way of life of our valley almost intact.

What awaits you? During a tranquil walk, ideal for the whole family, you will wander through the "viles", the characteristic settlements made up of groups of "ciases" (houses), "stales" (stables) and "majuns" (barns) surrounded by gardens, fields and meadows. In a small square in the middle of the dwellings there is often a "funtana" (well), "fur da pan" (bread oven) and favá (wooden frame on which hay and pulses are dried), which are shared by the inhabitants of this "vila".

You can organise your day as you please, stage by stage, stopping where it suits you best. Walking from homestead to homestead you will learn a lot about Ladin culture, traditions and food and you will get to know the people who still live there.

  • Alta Badia_Turtres_by Alex Moling
  • Sonns_saus_Armentara_latte
  • Alta Badia_Agricoltura_capra_AlexMoling

You can visit the stables and the workshops of the craftsmen, watch the farmers mow, watch the cheese being made and watch the craftsmen carve. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to taste some Ladin dishes. There will also be music and entertainment for children.

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