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The chefs

Good food brings people together


If the gastronomy of Alta Badia has a further story to tell, it is thanks to Norbert Niederkofler from the restaurant the St. Hubertus at the Hotel Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano, who was able to cook his way to around three stars.

For Norbert, a good dish must offer more than merely a list of ingredients: each meal has to be based on research (the finding out), selection of ingredients, and will also have a story to tell, and it must be ethically sound as for example for its Mountain herb salad, simple, tasty and at the same time very refined.

A good dish not only nourishes the body, a good dish opens the mind and unites people.

The Michelin Guide 2021 has awarded Norbert with the new "Green Star" for sustainability.


It’s both an old and a new approach, hard to imagine happening anywhere other than in the Val Badia. Here, nature provides a wide variety of ingredients, and local culture turns these into well thought-out creations. It’s all about returning to one’s roots, and often not just in the metaphorical sense.

In this way, truly unique dishes are created, which appear on the menu exclusively at specific times of the year and which, in addition to their nutritional qualities and their ancient aromas, bear witness to the love we bear our country.

These are powerful and bold ideas, studied, applied and refined by a whole generation of new chefs.

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These are the secrets behind the creation of so many delicacies: Andrea Irsara's Wild spinach ravioli (Stüa dla Lâ – Gourmet Hotel Gran Ander), Nicola Laera's Wild spinach canederlo, snails and crispy speck , Franz Wieser's Rhubarb-rice tart (I Dolci di Ricky), Simon Tirel's Grilled cheese canederlo (Hotel Diana), Michael Niederkofler's Snow milk and elderflower kombucha (Ütia Crëp de Munt) and many other temptations with which our chefs not only demonstrate the excellence of our region, but also its culture, its sensations, in short: themselves.

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