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Altissimo - The Dolomites’ Most Exclusive Brunch

The most exclusive lifestyle event in the Dolomites

December 2019

Skisafari mit skiern und wein

In December 2019 Alta Badia will host the second edition of "Altissimo", the most exclusive lifestyle event in the Dolomites and the jewel in the crown of the gourmet initiative “A taste for skiing".

For the occasion, the three Michelin-starred chefs of Alta Badia - headed by Norbert Niederkofler who is one of Italy’s nine three-star chefs, will showcase the gastronomic excellence of our valley. Also involved in the project is the chef at Club Moritzino Piz La Ila, the venue right at the start of the Ski World Cup slope Gran Risa where the event is to take place.

Exquisite moments of pleasure


The event is divided into several exquisite moments of pleasure. Our star chefs will pamper you with some of their most refined dishes, while renowned producers, from different European regions, will be exhibiting their delicacies nearby.

Enjoy the stylish lounge ambience of the Club Moritzino Piz La Ila mountain hut, while listening to good music and savouring delicious food and fine wines.
If you stay at the hut until late in the afternoon, you can descend into the valley on the snowmobile.

Ski fans also have the opportunity to meet former ski champions, chat with them and even to ski with them.

The Michelin-starred chefs who initiated the project

* Norbert Niederkofler (Restaurant St. Hubertus c/o Hotel Rosa Alpina, 3 Michelin stars) - one of the nine Italian Michelin-starred chefs with 3 stars
* Matteo Metullio (Restaurant La Siriola c/o Hotel Ciasa Salares, 2 Michelin stars)
* Nicola Laera (Restaurant La Stüa de Michil c/o Hotel La Perla, 1 Michelin star)

Thanks to:

Illy Caffè, Domori, Dammann, Cantine Ferrari, Spazio Fumoir, Bonaventura Maschio, Calvisius, Simone Tartufi, Cuore Iberico, Vranken Pommery, Patatas Nana, Prosciuttificio Zanini, Venica, Cantina Tramin Kellerei, Champagne Pommery, Marsicani, Cà Negra, Cantina Muri-Gries, Cantina San Michele Appiano, Cantina Colterenzio, Cantina Terlano, Cantina San Paolo, Cantina Girlan, Cantina Franz Haas, Domaine Billard-Gonnet, Domaine Pierre Labet, Tsarskaya, Fine Wines, Vinum, Heres.