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Liebhaberin der lokalen Kunst und Kultur


It is probably not enough to say that Daria knows. And a lot.

She is passionate about local art and culture, and Ladin traditions and customs have always been of great interest to her. She studied the Ladin language and history at university and now works for the Ladin television and radio at RAI. She is also the author of numerous literary and scientific publications.

Do you need further details? Well, yes, she is nice, resourceful and easy-going.

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Participate and be a protagonist in the 15 August parade.

The 15 August parade has become a classic summer event at La Villa and you too can participate along with the locals. This year's theme is 'sö por munt', 'in the mountains', and if you feel like it, you can first help set up the float and then get on it to represent life in a mountain hut for a day. It will be fun, for sure.

Price and reservation

Price: Euro 20,00/person
Reservation: Alta Badia tourist offices