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Rosa and Tone

A day on the mountain farm


Keepers of a centuries-old mountain farm, one of the oldest in Val Badia, dating back to the 13th century, Rosa and Tone are traditional farmers.

Kind and caring, they communicate with simplicity their passion for the work they have always done, i.e. taking care of our land. A passion they have also passed on to their four children. Tradition from generation to generation.

By TripInProduction (10)

An experience that plunges us into an ancient world that has been kept alive by people who love their land and care for it with tenacity and dedication beyond imagination.

You will not only see the farmers at work, but also help take the animals out of the stable and cut the grass with a scythe while listening to the old stories of the farm. Finally, on this historic mountain farm in Badia, you can have lunch the old-fashioned way with historical Ladin recipes prepared on the spot. Delicious!