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St. Barbara church

La Val

The St. Barbara church, built in the late Gothic style, was built in the 15th century on a panoramic hill just outside La Val.

Historical evidence indicates that the church built in honor of St Barbara, patron saint of miners, is the work of the miners of Valparola, who worked the iron minerals extracted from Monte Pore.

The painting on the outside wall depicting a crucifixion in the open countryside and various mural paintings inside are of particular historical value.

The St. Barbara Church can be reached with just a half-hour walk from the village center of La Val along the "Memento Vivere" meditation path, consisting of the stations "Birth", "Childhood", "Youth", "Adults age" and "Old age".

St. Barbara church
Str. San Senese 1
La Val 39030
Phone: +39 0471 843072
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