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Movimënt dles ês

La Villa

They are vital to the survival of plants and life on earth and, like sentinels, they give us valuable information on the health of our environment. Bees deserve to be understood and appreciated by the younger generations. And that's why their endlessly fascinating world is the focal theme of the new "Movimënt dles Ês" ("Movement/Dance of the Bees" in Ladino) trail, which begins at Piz La Ila. Five stations along the route provide visitors with a wealth of fascinating information about these insects together with themed games such as slides and marbles alongside the trail, and beehives with a glass panel to one side where visitors can marvel at the untiring work of the bees and the unusual "architecture" of their homes up-close. This trail also features the interactive Movimënt App: Millie the worker bee, mascot of the trail, asks a question about bees and their work at each stage of the route. If you snap a shot of the correct answer, you can take a selfie with Mille when you arrive at the end of the trail and download your "Friend of the Bees" diploma.

Movimënt dles ês
Piz La Ila
La Villa 39033
Phone: +39 0471 836073
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