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Saus dl Altonn presents the bio meat from the farm

When and where24.09.2022
  • 11:30 AM-02:30 PM
La Villa

Lüch d’Arciara with cern bio dal lüch - farm bio meat

At the Club Moritzino hut, a special menu based on the farm bio meat by the Lüch d'Arciara farm will be offered.
The producer himself will be present and will illustrate the particularities of his product. Simone Cantafio, chef of the Restaurant La Stüa de Michil in Corvara, will also be there, offering a dish dedicated to farm bio meat.


Liver dumpling, straw, cheese crème brûlé, scent of undergrowth
Tagliatelle with burnt spelt, beef tartare, crispy puccia
Talmente goloso - BBQ-flavoured tiled bao, deviled beef steak, pumpkin in saor, and creamy alpine cheese; in collaboration with chef Simone Cantafio - Restaurant La Stüa de Michil, Corvara

The 'Gota Music' group will ensure musical entertainment.

During the event photos or video footage may be taken for the purpose of documentation and promotion of the event and the region. The footage may be used and published on websites, on social networks and on media in compliance with the data protection regulations.


Follow the SS244 Val Badia road towards La Villa. Directly on the main street you will find the cable car that leads to the Piz La Ila.