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Nos Ladins - Elena, a very talkative, smiling woman

When and where12.08.2021
  • 02:30 PM-04:30 PM

Activities with the ambassadors of the Ladin tradition.

Elena is a school teacher. She is a young Ladin woman who is very proud of the language that she speaks and truly cherishes. So much so that she has decided to teach it to those who come to Alta Badia.
Well, you’ve probably never been to a school like this. To begin with, it is outdoors, not far from Badia, so there are no desks or chairs. And the majestic backdrop of the Dolomites will be your blackboard. Elena will take you on a journey to discover the Ladin language. She will teach you secrets, sounds, pronunciation and the funniest expressions. As usual, you will have to pay attention because at the end there will be a test, this time in class.
Fun is guaranteed, but in Ladin.

Information and reservation at the tourist offices by the day before (limited places).

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