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Na sëra al ciastel - Off-line at the Castle

When and where02.08.2023
  • 09:15 PM-10:30 PM
La Villa

Ciastel Colz in La Villa, spread the word

This is an off-line, sustainable event.
What does it mean? It means that those who want to spend a few hours in good company in the marvellous courtyard of the Ciastel Colz in La Villa may not bring mobile phones or other electronic devices with them. That's right: we want to disconnect you from the digital world for a while and introduce you to a very concrete, real experience, to be enjoyed in all its beauty.
There will be music, there will be gastronomic delicacies, in short we want you to savour what we have called for some time 'precious moments of pleasure'. We will not add anything else: we want it all to be a pleasant surprise. There will be no photographers to record the experience. We will not even give media coverage to the event.
It will be up to you, if you wish, to tell your impressions to whom you want. And only word of mouth will make a very special moment unique.

In case of bad weather, the event is postponed to the next day.

Useful informations / what to bring

Bring the confirmation of the reservation with you.

Refund information

The refund will be made with a medical certificate or if the event is cancelled by the Tourist Cooperative.


Follow the SS244 Val Badia road towards La Villa and then on the Picenin street to the castle Colz.

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