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Na MUNT de emoziuns - Emotions up high with Tamara Lunger

When and where11.07.2023
  • 09:15 PM-10:45 PM
La Villa

"Me, fragile and strong as ice!" – a meeting with Tamara Lunger (in Italian language).

Tamara calls herself The Soul Mountaineer because, thanks to her long and intense journey, even in winter, on the highest mountains on the planet, she has realised that there is not only physical performance and the goal of the summit, but also the care of the soul.
Only by listening to intuition and the spirit is it possible to reach the most difficult peaks, even in everyday life.
This is why Tamara's gaze is projected beyond the summits, by also caring for women, young and old, who for various reasons - social, economic, cultural - have not had the opportunity to express themselves and determine their own fate.

During this presentation you will have the opportunity to meet one of the most famous Italian mountaineers. Tamara will tell us about the 2019/2020 winter expedition to Gasherbrum with Simone Moro, her mentor and long-time climbing partner. After 18 days, the expedition is cut short due to an accident on the glacier. Tamara returned home dejected, not knowing what the future would bring.
A year later, however, she felt the urge to return to "her mountain", K2, the only 8000 metre peak not yet climbed in winter.
The most difficult expedition and the greatest tragedy await her on the second highest mountain in the world, where she loses five friends at once.

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Follow the SS244 Val Badia road towards La Villa. On the main road, next to the tourist office, you will find the events hall.