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Le Rëgn de Fanes - The Reign of Fanes


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  • 09:00 PM-10:00 PM
La Villa

A film by Susy Rottonara, Roland Verra and Hans Peter Karbon about the famous legend of the Reign of Fanes awarded at many international festivals. The mythic tale about the rise and the fall of the reign with the warrior princess Dolasila as protagonist.
In original Ladin language with narrator and subtitles in Italian.

The plot shown in the film is based on the original Ladin version told in Ladin folk tales and tells about the rise and the fall of the reign caused by the longing for power of the king of Fanes, who obliges his daughter, the warrior princess Dolasila to fight with bewitched weapons. The engaging story presents the love between Dolasila and the enemy prince Ey de Net (“Eye in the night”) and the fight for the ownership of the magic gem Rajëta, the most precious treasure in the Land of the mountains. Realistic figures as the king, the queen of Fanes and Dolasila’s twin sister Lujanta who grows up with the marmots are joined by supernatural figures as the wicked sorcerer Spina de Mul and the witch Tsicuta.
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