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Halfway through - Theatre performance

    When and where13.06.2024
    • 08:00 PM-09:30 PM
    La Val - Hiking Village

    150 years ago, the community of La Val stood at a crucial crossroads: the decision to rebuild their church. It was a complex choice, since it meant building the new church on a different site, at Plan Morin, much closer to the majority of the population. However, such a decision also meant that the entire town centre had to be moved, including the cemetery, the presbytery, the school and the inns... Of course, not everyone was of the same mind. The community was divided by conflicting opinions and faced major challenges, both financial and labour.
    The stories, both grand and intimate, linked to this undertaking are meticulously documented and brought to life through a theatrical presentation that recounts and pays tribute to the founding of the town centre right up to the present day.

    Theatrical performance in the Ladin language

    Reservations at +39 331 2638288 from 18:00 to 22:00.

    During the event photos or video footage may be taken for the purpose of documentation and promotion of the event and the region. The footage may be used and published on websites, on social networks and on media in compliance with the data protection regulations.


    Follow the SS244 Val Badia road towards Pederoa and continue on road SP60 to La Val until you reach the events hall Domëne Moling on San Senese street 14.

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