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Alta Badia at a glance with our webcams

Experience the South Tyrol Dolomites in real time

What is the weather like in Alta Badia at this very moment? And what does Alta Badia look like right now? The webcams positioned in various places in Alta Badia send constantly updated images and provide a steady supply of fresh glimpses of our holiday region in the Dolomites. You can only get closer to the holiday paradise that is Alta Badia by visiting it in person!

Place: Corvara, Piz BoèView: From left to right Mt. Sassongher, Mt. Sas dla Crusc & Mt. Lavarela (in the background the Austrian Alps).Height: 2224 m

Place: La Villa, Piz La IlaView: Piz La Ila Movimënt park with the Marmolada glacier.Height: 2077 m

Place: San Cassiano, Piz SoregaView: Piz Sorega Movimënt park with the Sella Group.Height: 2003 m

Place: BadiaView: The SummerPark La Crusc with Mount Sas dla Crusc/Santa Croce.Height: 1840 m

Place: Alta Badia, Gardena passView: Slopes at the foot of the Cir peaks.Height: 2122 m

Place: San Cassiano, ArmentarolaView: San Cassiano, Armentarola.Height: 1615 m

Place: ColfoscoView: The village of Colfosco with the Sassongher Mountain.Height: 1645 m

Place: Corvara, Piz ArlaraView: The Lavarela mountain.Height: 2002 m

Place: La ValView: Panorama with the Sas dla Crus/Santa Croce mountain.Height: 1348 m

Webcam Live

Località: Corvara Panorama: Corvara, zona sportiva.
Altitudine: 1568 m
Time-lapse del giorno prima

Webcam Live

Place: Colfosco View: View of the Sella Group.
Height: 1645 m
Time-lapse video of the previous day

Webcam Live

Place: San Cassiano View: Village centre of San Cassiano.
Height: 1537 m
Time-lapse video of the previous day

Place: Corvara, Piz ArlaraView: The Sella Group.Height: 2002 m

Place: Corvara, Piz ArlaraView: The Marmolada glacier.Height: 2002 m

Place: BadiaView: From Badia, San Linert in direction of the Sas Dla Crusc/ Santa Croce.Height: 1324 m

Place: Corvara, Piz ArlaraView: The Col Alto slope, in the background the Sas Ciampac mountain.Height: 2002 m

Place: Corvara/Piz ArlaraView: The magnificent Sassongher mountain.Height: 2002 m